The structure of Rotary Clubs

The structure of Rotary Clubs

There are many who, when asked to address the structure of Rotary, think in terms of top down, but without the Club Rotarian and the basic Rotary Club there can be no Rotary. It is the Rotary Club in all its various forms and guises that brings the magic to our organisation. The autonomy of the Rotary Club is something to be preserved at all costs.

There are more than 31,000 Clubs in Rotary International and it is the Clubs who are the members of RI and the individuals are members of the Club thus reinforcing the position of the Club as the very foundation stones of the organisation. The more than 1.2 million Rotarians in 164 countries around the world form the most influential and resourceful service organisation in the world.

The actual structure of Rotary is reflected at every level and again starting with the Club there are a number of elected members who form the representative governing body of the Club who make recommendations to the members on the day to day operation of the Club.

The President

The Club President is elected on an annual basis by the membership and by definition will serve in that capacity for one year. The Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer are also elected annually but may choose to serve for up to five years.

The Club Council

The Club Council is once again elected annually and is made up of the club officers and six ordinary members of the Club who serve for one year. In other parts of the Rotary world this body is often known as the Club Board and is referred to as such in all R.I. constitutional documents. All Clubs hold a charter to operate from Rotary International.

Rotary Committees

A number of committees serve to further the Aims of Rotary in different ways.

The full list of committees is shown below:

Service Community and Vocational Service
International Service
Membership Services
Rotary Foundation
Youth Opportunities
Administrative Audit
Leadership Development & Training
Standing Constitutions
Past Presidents Advisory

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